I began dabbling in martial arts in the mid 80's, but never really find the catalyst for fully immersing myself. It wasn't till the mid 90's that on the advice of a friend I enrolled my 8 year old son in the House of Karate, a traditional Okinawan Gojuryu Dojo. I joined two weeks later. I studied and trained diligently there for the next few years, achieving the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt). I taught and trained advanced teenagers and beginner adults. I also trained students at the adult drug rehab facility in New York.

My head instructor then Rokudan (6th) Glenn Cunningham and several of us traveled to Naha City-Okinawa to train at the Dojo of the last surviving student of Chojun Miyagi, the founder of the system in which I trained.

Rokudan Cunningham opened his own Dojo called The Kouketsu Dojo. I eagerly follow this master on his new endeavor, and worked on my way to Sandan (3rd). An unfortunate injury sidelined me the week of the test. Circumstances along with the move to Florida caused me to stop formal training, although martial arts training has always been involved with all my workouts ever since.

I must admit, ever since laying my eyes on the yoga room at MHYS, I have envisioned it as a Dojo.

I have been in contact with Kyoshi (8th) Cunningham who still owns and operates Kouketsu Dojo in New York. We both eagerly discussed this new venture and he has been kind enough to help me (us) in any way. 

Self Defense is everyone's right. Do you want to feel stronger, physically fit, and walk more confidently than you ever have? You put the time and the effort, I will guide you through the life changing knowledge and experience that would benefit all aspects of your being.


Sensei Ray



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