Weekly Schedule

**All classes are heated with the exception on Sunday morning**

Hot Vinyasa – We’ve still got our signature all-levels vinyasa class. We’ll get moving with sun salutations and keep the energy rocking through the class. Teachers will give lots of variations as the flow progresses so students can choose their individual intensity level. ◊◊

Open Studio – [Non-heated] Come work on your personal practice under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. This is similar to Mysore in the Ashtanga lineage. In Mysore the space is open for students to work the Ashtanga series while the teacher assists individually. This class is not guided. Students are more than welcome to work a lineage sequence or flow freely and see what happens. This time could also be used for getting help with a specific transition or pose. This is a space for you to experience your body and your practice. Suggested sequence charts are available if you feel completely lost. ◊◊

Hatha w/ Extended Pranayama and Meditation – [Non-heated] This class is a more “traditional” class. We will flow with an attention to the breath prepping both the body and mind for a longer meditation at the end. This class will also utilize a variation of pranayama techniques to calm the nervous system and prepare the body and mind for meditation. ◊

Mindful Yoga – A dynamic and balanced class that adheres to the ancient practice of yoga and mindfulness to expand every asana in the sequence. This class will hold poses longer and will explore full body stretches and explore the strength and balance. Poses may include backbends, inversions and intensive isolation work. Students will gain strong alignment, body strength, flexibility, stress reduction and restored Shakti. ◊

Advanced Vinyasa – In this class, we will explore more advanced postures and transitions. This includes but is not limited to inversions and arm balances. This class is aimed at the practitioner who is looking to add on to their asana practice. We will not spend the time breaking down sun salutation or other base poses. All who wish to advance their practice and move outside their comfort zone are welcome. ◊◊◊


Warm Gentle Yoga – Gentle yoga is very accessible to all practitioners. You’ll find the class a little cooler than our normal temperatures and the movement much slower. Please remember that gentle does not necessarily mean easy. Our teachers will guide you through stretches at a slow and steady pace allowing you time to experience sensations that may arise. ◊


Flow – In a flow class the teacher may or may not utilize sun salutations or vinyasas in between poses. Regardless this class will link the breath with movement allowing for students to explore their body, mind and spirit. ◊◊


Alignment-Oriented Flow – This class is great for all-levels of practitioners. This class is still a moderate flow, while taking the time to check in with personal alignment. The teacher provides lots of cues allowing the student to check in and really find his/her personal fullest expression of the posture. ◊◊


Vin to Yin – Class starts with a vinyasa flow to smooth out and burn off the energies of the day. Then class transitions into yin, a slower practice with longer holds. This practice targets the connective tissue of the body and brings the body into a more peaceful and level state. ◊


Rise & Shine Flow – This slower pace flow is a great way to start the day. In this class we take the time to get the muscles awake and moving. By the end your body, mind and spirit will be ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. ◊


YogaBurn – This class is a vinyasa flow but with a little extra. BG utilizes her over ten years in the fitness industry to give you a little extra burn using strategic isometric holds and other tricks of the trade. ◊◊


Warm Yin – Poses are held for longer periods of time. This allows the muscle to relax so that we can put stress on the connective tissues instead. Yin is a complementary practice to our yang practices (hatha, vinyasa, flow). The yang practices work the muscles, but we can’t forget we need to work the tendons, ligaments and joints. That’s where this practice comes in. ◊

◊ - Beginner-friendly. Usually slower 

◊◊ - All-levels welcome. Lots of variations for practitioners. 

◊◊◊ - Quicker class with exploration of more advanced asana and transitions.

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